With much consideration I have changed my focus from pet portraits, although I am still open to commissions, to small format art of various subjects. I have opened an etsy store, , and I have a new website that is somewhere between “under construction” and “almost there”. The address for that is: . You will notice at my etsy site that I have started painting for dollhouses, and those paintings are mostly hand framed scaled reproductions of historical works. The website, etsy, and possibly ebay for my ACEO type paintings are keeping me busy. In 5 days I will no longer have . should still work, but it wont be updated after this post. will no longer be a way to reach me, but will. I hope you aren’t as confused about all this as I am.

Thank you for following this site and my work, and I hope to see you visiting my other sites! Much peace and love to y’all.


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What I have been up to lately. The kitchen is serving as a temporary studio.  I am creating work for a local event called YART. It is an event held twice a year to showcase work that is under $40.

With a sad heart…

Normally I would try to avoid posting overly personal information on here, but this is a different circumstance, as you will see. Recently I started doing paintings of a little guy named Zander, you can see them in previous posts. Well, this morning little Zander passed away unexpectedly. It has been a horrible time, we are all passing through stages of numbness to grief to anger and back again, and this is only day one. This will be a long healing process, and we could use your comforting thoughts and prayers.

Peace to you,